Friday, November 30, 2012

I've never been big on reading blogs...

...but there are a few that you just have to follow.

Yes, I co-author a blog but I have a hard time getting into reading others. I have tried blogging in the past... it has typically been posts filled with teenage angst and how much my life sucked (okay it still sometimes ends up that way but you understand.) Amanda and I occasionally browse the World Wide Web Internet for craft ideas (HELLO PINTEREST ARE YOU THERE? IT'S ME REBECCA) I also enjoy reading blogs about how others have  made failed attempts  gotten less than spectacular results.

Which is essentially what we strive to do here at Crafting for Sanity. Although we are both working on items for the Yuletide Festival in Belmont, NC we are still crafted out and a lot of our inventory will be things we have taken to the other festivals. That being said, we have not had any crafting fails or successes aside from Amanda's feather earrings that I absolutely ADORE.

Back to my original post... I did a search this morning for "Top Craft Blogs" on Google and I got a nice list of results. My all time favorite blog, although it is not crafting related but is still hilarious is HaHas for HooHas  my second favorite is Pintester.

I discovered some new blogs from my search this morning and I will let you check them out for yourself.

We would love to know what blogs you follow! 

Stay Crafty!

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