Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, Part Two

(sorry, just thought that needed to be there)

     So Rebecca told me earlier that I would have to continue as she was way to wasted to continue her train of thought. I can be thankful that I no longer work in retail, however I was one of the people crazy enough to be at Walmart on Thursday night. Everything seemed pretty well under control at my local Walmart, although in retrospect the fourteen cop cars parked outside might have had something to do with that ( I really need to find my camera, the picture would have been worth it). On Thanksgiving my in-laws decided that they wanted to play the whole "What am I Thankful for" game over dinner, and I admit I was a smart ass and said that I had a feeling I would be thankful for Shout later on but in reality I suppose that what I'm really grateful for is a husband that despite my short comings treats me like a queen and is at least usually reasonable. I know that sometimes I complain about him, especially when he's sick (sick men *shudder*) I didn't anticipate going into the last two weeks of class before finals and for him to develop kidney stones. I may bitch, and I may complain, but that fact of the matter is that in the year and a half since I lost my job he hasn't once said anything about me getting another job. When I decided to go back to school he supported it, even still when I changed my major after the first semester. And aside from a spat about housework the only thing he has ever said is "we will figure it out".

       The cease and desist on Rebecca's coasters sucks though, those coasters are cute as hell! It make me want to put something Hello Kitty on mine for the hell of it! Aside from the slime and a little bit of jewelry I haven't done a whole lot of crafty stuff of late, most of my time has been spent trying not to fail any college classes that I really can't afford to fail! The Yuletide Bazaar is coming up in a little under two weeks, and anyone interested can find out about it here: http://misfitsanctuary.org/yuletide-bazaar/ I need to get off my butt and make some candles for this!

Everyone try to stay warm, and as always,
Stay Crafty!


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