Friday, November 9, 2012

Crafting to save our sanity... from all the political madness

Cue the choir of angels, the political commercials are finally gone and the television debates are over although since Fox News has PROJECTED the winner to be Barack Obama, I've seriously thought about removing people from my Facebook friends or at least banning them until after January. The Electoral College does not cast their vote until December and the real winner will be announced in January. Although the television debates are over, the real debates surely are not. I'm not saying this just because I support Romney honestly, I didn't want either one to win but I had to vote for someone. I am saying this because since Fox News has projected that Obama will be in office four more years, the people on my friends list are acting like morons. I'm not going to be that person and call you out on it, but you know who you are. 

I haven't exactly had the chance to do any crafting although crafts encompass 95% of my dreams with the other 5% being invaded with dreams about how people might actually come into my work and not act like morons/assholes/some variation of this.

I have been perusing through Pinterest lately but the Food & Drink category has been catching my eye more than the crafts although Amanda has found  few cool craft things. This goes back to how Pinterest should be invite only. But for the most part, Pinterest has been my escape from all the Political madness.

I've been doing some serious thinking about craft shows and if we really want to attempt any more, what I'm going to work on when in reality I need to get some of the stuff out of my house I really want to make a quilt so I've turned on a 15% discount through the end of November in my STORE! Amanda has turned on a 40% discount in her STORE! We also have items in a few auction groups on Facebook but we would still love to take your custom orders :)

How have you been staying sane from all the political madness?

Stay Crafty My Friends,

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