Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's the BLOB.......................

Just kidding. It's slime that I made at the kitchen table. I'm getting a bit of the creative side for an upcoming show that I missed last year, and as I am letting my Pagan flag fly this year there is no way I will miss the Yuletide Bazaar again! Giving credit where credit is due, I found the recipe I used at 

 My friends on facebook (including the group that follow us at may have gotten a really colorful mental picture when I said that I had a pink bowl of snot. The picture doesn't really do the pink justice, it looks good in the picture, the cups next to me look like pepto. I was really disappointed with the set on the right, it was suppsed to be black, but it came out more of a dark purple. The answer there would probably be 1) if you use white glue, add more than 6 drops of food coloring, or 2) make sure the glue is clear. 

It's fairly simple to make, water, glue, glitter, borax. Yes, I did my homework on this one. there isn't enough borax in it to hurt anything. Each batch will fill 12 2oz cups, and there is only 1 tsp of Borax in the whole thing.


My son totally flipped out when he saw the slime, but as you can see he thought that lifting the spoon up and letting the slime ooze off was loads of fun! He also said that it didn't smell very good, but he loved playing with it. He also stole one too. Next color, green!

Stay Crafty My Friends! 
And to my Pagan and Wiccan Brothers and Sisters

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