Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crafts with the Stinker

So I started playing with magnets and bottle caps, I've always thought that bottle caps were neat, but all I've ever seen them on are hair bows for kids. Don't get me wrong, bows are cute, but EVERYONE makes them!
This is what I came up with:

My only complaint with the second set of bottle caps is that they have holes in them. My son decided that he wanted to help as I was carding earrings, it is however not easy to card earrings with a 6 year old. So I had to get creative. 

The whole project is fairly simple, the original bottle caps with magnets I think I found on a clearance rack at Michael's. The set with the holes I also found at Michael's, on the aisle with the feathers. If you can't find bottle caps with magnets its simple to put them together. You need magnets, as crazy as it sounds the ones from Walmart and Hobby Lobby work the best, while the ones from Michael's will work they just don't seem as strong (by the way, its the magnets that look like little hockey pucks, they're maybe the size of a nickle). I used E6000 to glue the magnets to the bottle caps, has worked very well so far. Keep the E6000 handy, you'll need it later! You'll also need the epoxy stickers (Hobby Lobby has them with the scrapbooking supplies) a 1 inch circle punch, and a sheet of white scrapbook paper, you could probably also use card stock, but all I had was white scrapbook paper.

I've always tried to encourage creativity in my son, he got a lot of arts and crafts things for Christmas. I used my 1 inch circle punch to make a bunch of little circles,

CJ decided that he wanted to draw on the circles, he asked what to draw and I told him he could draw whatever he wanted

Unfortunantly it's upside down, but I believe CJ said that this was supposed to a person getting rained on with ice cream. Yeah, I think someone may have seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs a few to many times! We haven't quite finished them yet, I need to get some more bottle caps, but they should make killer birthday or Mother's day presents!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We hope you had a great Christmas!

We at Crafting for Sanity hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your friends and family and we hope Santa was good to each of you.

I spent Christmas with Amanda and her family this year and although it started off rough, things quickly turned around and many laughs were had. We woke up Christmas morning and CJ (Amanda's 6 year old) was upset that Santa didn't leave Mommy anything in her stocking. I tried to tell him that Mommy had already gone through her stocking.. I'm not sure how successful it was but he was quickly distracted by Skylanders Giants and Angry Birds Jenga.

This year Amanda got me a Loops & Threads Knit Quick long loom so I am sure I will have a ton of flops (and hopeful successes) to post for you soon. I've started playing with it today but I wasn't having much luck. From what I've heard I also have a circle loom waiting for me at home too.

Stay Crafty,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crafting for Sanity would like you to meet the Guin family...

I got a phone call from my husband (yes, we are separated but I still call him my husband) this morning asking me to meet him at the hospital that my 6 year old step daughter Ella was being taken in because she had to be picked up from school early yesterday not feeling well and had progressively gotten worse throughout the night and early morning so my in-laws brought her home and my husband took her to the Emergency Room and her older sister had to go with him since I wasn't home. He needed me to pick the oldest up since he didn't want her sitting in the ER all day. You know how long it takes these days..  A few hours later poor Ella was told she had the flu.

Ruby and I had made a trip to Game Stop, I really wanted to get a Bejeweled game for my Wii.. unfortunately it is made for every system except Wii of course. We ended up with Purr Pals and Mini Desktop Racing. Purr Pals is a game that allows you to care for/adopt kittens and raise them. You get to feed, groom, play with, and clean the litter box (not even kidding). Mini Desktop Racing is a racing game in a mini Mini Cooper around a desk that has obstacles ie: paper clips, keyboards, pencils, etc.

Later in the evening Ruby comes out of the office with a stack of papers "Rebecca can we make these?" 'Um , okay.. sure... what is it?' "Christmas Ornaments" 'Um.. sure.. how are we going to make Christmas ornaments out of paper...' "There are the instructions right here, you cut them out and glue them together" 'Awesome, I think I have some glue sticks'. We search for glue for around 30 minutes until I finally just go and get my stash of Modge Podge (insert 'Franks Red Hot Sauce' parody here) I use that shit on everything.

So, while watching Beauty and the Beast we begin making the Guin family.
The whole family, including Madam Ruby's bunny ears

I believe this is Ken Guin (father)

I believe this is Ben Guin (son)
Ken and Ben Guin

Gwen Guin (momma)
They also come with gift tags so you can give them as gifts so I don't exactly think they are Christmas ornaments..They have accessories so you can dress them up too!

Here is the print out to make your own! My mother in law found these at Right @ Home.

Stay Crafty and have a great holiday. I can't believe Christmas is like a week away.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recovering from the day, and tons of Da Fuq?

So Rebecca and I spent the day at the Belmont NC National Guard Armory for the Yuletide Bazaar, I realized going in that it would be small so I didn't really expect much. The good surprise was that we were inside!


Here's Rebecca watching the tables =) She made the sign, it came out very colorful!

So as we're sitting in my living room recovering from the day, both of us were going through our stores prior to turning them back on and seriously wondering if there needs to be a Regretsy for Storenvy. As I'm sure everyone knows Regretsy is a blog run by voice actress April Winchell where she and a few others post and blog about the craziness that is posted on the Etsy site. Anyway, we believe that the same might need to be done for Storenvy. Needless to there were a lot of "Da Fuq?"'s earlier here are a few of the best ones:


Don't get me wrong, I love Snow White as much as the next girl but the dwarf in front is giving new meaning to the phrase "having wood".


I honestly can't tell if this is polymer or real bacon dipped in resin. That being said, I don't think I would want pieces of pig hanging from my ears.


I openly admit that I love this one. Considering my age I'm old enough to recognize the original Nintendo game cartridge.

Sometimes I wish that I had eyes in the back of my head so that I could always see what my 6 year old is doing, this isn't quite what I meant. Rebecca said that there were earrings to match as well.


I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not a fan of Kewpie dolls, they just sort of scream "Chucky" to me for some reason.


I actually found these to be cute, kind of redneck, but still cute. This is actually earrings on a display, but I thought it was a bracelet right at first. You have a choice of Coke, Pepsi, Campbell's Soup, (here's where redneck hit me) Coors and Schlitz.

All of the pictures should have functional links, just click the picture, or right click, not sure which. I know that not everyone is going to think the same thing that I did and that's cool, everyone has there own opinion. I can be a snarky bitch, I'm pretty sure that Rebecca will remind me regularly of the 7 dwarfs ring, but like I told her, there are much worse ways I could have put it.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Math Classes, and Finals, and Festivals Oh my!

Oh the joys as Christmas approaches! As the end of the semester quickly gets here it is that time where I seriously start to wonder "What the HELL was I thinking?!?!?!?!?!" and "Why the hell did I take 5 (yes, 5) classes?" once again math class is starting to trigger insane tension headaches. If I pass this math class it will be a miracle. But anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only person that was insane enough to be at Walmart on Thanksgiving, the things we do for our children, I went to Walmart to get this:

As hard as we tried to keep the Stinker from finding out about this, he still did. Damn Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network! Oh well, he'll still love it, it has a giant!

Rebecca and I are doing our last festival of the year on Saturday, we'll be at the National Guard Armory in Belmont, NC for the Misfit Sanctuary Yuletide Festival (By the way, if I haven't said already and someone hasn't figured it out, I'm a Pagan. Please don't blow up my inbox with messages about this, not only is it rude, it's also very irritating and I would rather not have to start contacting police departments about people embarrassing me. Remember everyone, the 1st Amendment is our friend!) If any is interested you can get details about the festival here:
They are also collecting coats for the needy, so if you do come out please think of those less fortunate and if you have a coat you don't wear, please think about passing it on to someone that can use it, we had an absolutely crazy winter last year and I get the feeling that we will pay for it this winter!
I have some new goodies that I'll be bringing with me I'll see if I can get some of the pictures up,




Rebecca will have coasters, including this set:

(Yes, this is the one that illicited the cease and desist order)

as well as hot/cold packs, and something else I think. She told me what she was bringing and I've totally forgotten already!

It's been fun but it's time for me to go study some more! Hope to see some of you this weekend!

As always, Stay Crafty!