Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting some stress relief - from the keyboard

Little ambiguous isn't it? Long story short, I had a keyboard. Loved the color, the pattern, whole nine yards. But it didn't type worth a flying flip. So being the crafty little snot that I am, I re-purposed it (hehehehe ~evil giggle~ hehehehe) Turned out pretty good I think!

The Function Keys worked well as post earrings

Enter Key Pendant!

Window Key Ring, seemed so very appropriate!

Key Chains For Comfort

Not that long ago collecting key chains was quite popular. I use to have over 100 key chains with random sayings such as "You! Out of the gene pool!"

I learned how to make rexlace key chains when I was in middle school and have loved making them ever since. I am now 20 and sell them and occasionally give some away (my step daughters saw them and brought their piggy banks over after they discovered I was selling them and asked if they had enough money). 

The key chains give me great comfort, I can go into my own little world and just sit there weaving away. 
There are three styles that I mainly focus on: 
Awareness Ribbon for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

Awareness Ribbon Purple and Pink
Awareness Ribbon Blue and White

Pink Box Style

"Thin Blue Line" in support of Cops
A variety of colors

"Thin Red Line" in support of Firefighters

Pink and Green Spiral
Purple and Green Spiral
Pink and Black Spiral

They are an awesome stress relief because when I am stressed or mad I can pull on the knots or braids as hard as I want and not have to worry about anyone else. 

I take custom orders and I enjoy getting feedback from customers who enjoy them, I had one customer e-mail me the other day after she received her key chains telling me how much comfort they gave her when she went to therapy. 

People have all sorts of "outlets" or "security blankets" and crafting and key chains just happen to be mine! 

Keep crafting,