Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not quite crafting, but still really cool!

So a friend posted something on Facebook posted this one, then I found it on Pinterest and had to try it! I found the recipe at Six Sisters' Stuff, I have to browse around there and see what other good stuff I can find for the Stinker!
Any way, it's simplicity in itself, 1/3 water, 3oz box of Jello (it can be done with Sugar free, but the sugar free seems to make it a lot more tart!), and a single packet of Unflavored Gelatin. I have a rather large amount of unflavored gelatin from a crafting fail that I haven't taken pictures of yet (Bad Ariadne, Bad bad!) Your supposed to be able to pour this in ice trays and such, I used hard candy molds I found at Hobby Lobby. If you have a child you know how expensive fruit snacks are! Being a stay at home mom now I'm trying to find less expensive ways of doing things and healthier as well! I have at least one doctor still on my back about my weight due to a medical condition (that ironically would most likely clear up, most likely being roughly a 97% chance statistically, if I got off my tail and lost weight, not to mention we would be able to have another child which would make my mother in law ecstatic!).  I know we call this Crafting for Sanity, so please don't hate me if I through in recipes from time to time!
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Epic Fail: Our First Festival!

So we had talked about not posting this, basically since both of us forgot to get pictures. July 4th was our first festival, and as you can tell from the title, it was an epic fail! Ok, let me state this first, if you don't have a sense of humor, like really heavy metal music, or are a devout Democrat, you may want to leave know. I generally try to keep the snark to a minimum, but for this case I'm not going to bother.
All in all everything got off to a good start, we got set up, said hi to a shit load of people who for the most part totally ignored us (retail flashbacks *shudder*) and started hoping like hell that people would buy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound greedy. I'm still a bit on the miffed side. We ended up on the end of the festival with the live band stage, the car show, and the most obnoxious group of Democrats rabidly trying to get people to register to vote so that they can pray that Barack Obama gets a second term. First, before anyone decides to flame me in comments, I have every respect for the office of the President. However I don't believe that the current President should have ever been elected. I personally would have rather seem John McCain get into the White House, die, and Sarah Palin, a first term Governor become President then, to see a first term Senator become President. Before anyone says I'm a rabid republican, I'm actually a registered Independent because I seriously think both parties are full of it. Needless to say I got asked about being registered twice, one guy even asking who I was going to vote for, the look I got when I said Mitt Romney was priceless.
The cars from the car show left around 2 and then our end of the festival pretty much died. Rebecca, My Sister-in-Law Joy, and I all came to the conclusion that the bands should have been screened a little more thoroughly. Between our commentary of the emcee (we weren't sure what her deal was) who was beyond obnoxious. I made a comment about needing tomatoes for target practice and made Rebecca laugh so hard she started snorting, which got me laughing too. The last band to take the stage before the storm moved in was a heavy metal group, and I mean HEAVY metal. I actually like metal music, until you get to the groups that sound like the singer is about to swallow the microphone. This was this band. Right before my brother pulled rank (would LOOOOOOVE to see my husband try that) on Joy, she had actually called him to ask him to bring ear plugs because the music was so bad. 
Basically it seems that it all came down to a really bad spot. The couple next to us didn't make squat either. However I've read through a group I help admin on Facebook that people on the other end (where all the food was) did pretty good. So while they were all happy, every time I think of how I spent this July 4th I hear the music from the old game shows when someone lost (did anyone ever watch Whammy? That music that played when someone hit a whammy and got wiped out, that's what I hear). So despite the lack of pictures, I hope I summed up the suckage well.