Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We hope you had a great Christmas!

We at Crafting for Sanity hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your friends and family and we hope Santa was good to each of you.

I spent Christmas with Amanda and her family this year and although it started off rough, things quickly turned around and many laughs were had. We woke up Christmas morning and CJ (Amanda's 6 year old) was upset that Santa didn't leave Mommy anything in her stocking. I tried to tell him that Mommy had already gone through her stocking.. I'm not sure how successful it was but he was quickly distracted by Skylanders Giants and Angry Birds Jenga.

This year Amanda got me a Loops & Threads Knit Quick long loom so I am sure I will have a ton of flops (and hopeful successes) to post for you soon. I've started playing with it today but I wasn't having much luck. From what I've heard I also have a circle loom waiting for me at home too.

Stay Crafty,

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