Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crafting for Sanity would like you to meet the Guin family...

I got a phone call from my husband (yes, we are separated but I still call him my husband) this morning asking me to meet him at the hospital that my 6 year old step daughter Ella was being taken in because she had to be picked up from school early yesterday not feeling well and had progressively gotten worse throughout the night and early morning so my in-laws brought her home and my husband took her to the Emergency Room and her older sister had to go with him since I wasn't home. He needed me to pick the oldest up since he didn't want her sitting in the ER all day. You know how long it takes these days..  A few hours later poor Ella was told she had the flu.

Ruby and I had made a trip to Game Stop, I really wanted to get a Bejeweled game for my Wii.. unfortunately it is made for every system except Wii of course. We ended up with Purr Pals and Mini Desktop Racing. Purr Pals is a game that allows you to care for/adopt kittens and raise them. You get to feed, groom, play with, and clean the litter box (not even kidding). Mini Desktop Racing is a racing game in a mini Mini Cooper around a desk that has obstacles ie: paper clips, keyboards, pencils, etc.

Later in the evening Ruby comes out of the office with a stack of papers "Rebecca can we make these?" 'Um , okay.. sure... what is it?' "Christmas Ornaments" 'Um.. sure.. how are we going to make Christmas ornaments out of paper...' "There are the instructions right here, you cut them out and glue them together" 'Awesome, I think I have some glue sticks'. We search for glue for around 30 minutes until I finally just go and get my stash of Modge Podge (insert 'Franks Red Hot Sauce' parody here) I use that shit on everything.

So, while watching Beauty and the Beast we begin making the Guin family.
The whole family, including Madam Ruby's bunny ears

I believe this is Ken Guin (father)

I believe this is Ben Guin (son)
Ken and Ben Guin

Gwen Guin (momma)
They also come with gift tags so you can give them as gifts so I don't exactly think they are Christmas ornaments..They have accessories so you can dress them up too!

Here is the print out to make your own! My mother in law found these at Right @ Home.

Stay Crafty and have a great holiday. I can't believe Christmas is like a week away.

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