Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crafts with the Stinker

So I started playing with magnets and bottle caps, I've always thought that bottle caps were neat, but all I've ever seen them on are hair bows for kids. Don't get me wrong, bows are cute, but EVERYONE makes them!
This is what I came up with:

My only complaint with the second set of bottle caps is that they have holes in them. My son decided that he wanted to help as I was carding earrings, it is however not easy to card earrings with a 6 year old. So I had to get creative. 

The whole project is fairly simple, the original bottle caps with magnets I think I found on a clearance rack at Michael's. The set with the holes I also found at Michael's, on the aisle with the feathers. If you can't find bottle caps with magnets its simple to put them together. You need magnets, as crazy as it sounds the ones from Walmart and Hobby Lobby work the best, while the ones from Michael's will work they just don't seem as strong (by the way, its the magnets that look like little hockey pucks, they're maybe the size of a nickle). I used E6000 to glue the magnets to the bottle caps, has worked very well so far. Keep the E6000 handy, you'll need it later! You'll also need the epoxy stickers (Hobby Lobby has them with the scrapbooking supplies) a 1 inch circle punch, and a sheet of white scrapbook paper, you could probably also use card stock, but all I had was white scrapbook paper.

I've always tried to encourage creativity in my son, he got a lot of arts and crafts things for Christmas. I used my 1 inch circle punch to make a bunch of little circles,

CJ decided that he wanted to draw on the circles, he asked what to draw and I told him he could draw whatever he wanted

Unfortunantly it's upside down, but I believe CJ said that this was supposed to a person getting rained on with ice cream. Yeah, I think someone may have seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs a few to many times! We haven't quite finished them yet, I need to get some more bottle caps, but they should make killer birthday or Mother's day presents!

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