Thursday, May 9, 2013


So I have found this new thing called Bloglovin, it's really neat (no, that wasn't meant as a shameless plug by the way, I really do think it's neat). My favorites is full of blogs that I really love and want to keep up with, however and to be perfectly honest, I have a terrible memory! This is where Bloglovin helps me. It has a button similar to the Pinterest "Pin It" button, this one however shows when the blogs you follow update (Yay!). Rebecca and I are also talking about starting an Instagram account for Crafting for Sanity, we both already have Instagrams and you guys are more then welcome to follow us on there. Fair warning though, some of the stuff really has no rhyme or reason, I shared one picture the other night I took on my Ipod that is from my College Criminal Law book

I still can't believe that this in the book, it probably shouldn't surprise me. 12 years of retail and customer service with 7 in management you would think that I had pretty much seen it all! Not a chance! The inherent stupidity of mankind assures that!

Just wanted to pop in, say Hi! Make sure everyone knew that we hadn't fallen off the world somewhere. Hopefully I'll be updating more since my semester ends after my Ethics final tomorrow.

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