Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pinterest posts and Demented Ideas

So while looking at Pinterest (the wonderful time killer that it is) I found a post from where some inventive person had taken Perler Beads. How many people remember these? I remember playing with these in elementary school, my mom loved them and I'm pretty sure that we had most if not all the boards you could get at that time (it was the 80's, there weren't that many). Anyway, they had taken the beads, put them in a cake pan, and melted them in the oven. In retrospect I may have used the wrong beads from what they were talking about but it didn't turn out so bad =)

This is the picture from Pinterest, looks pretty good. from looking at this and what I ended up with it would appear that I should have used Pony Beads and not Perler Beads. Perler Beads won't work as a wind chime because they have no sound. Next time I'll have to try it with this.

This is what I made, don't mind my cluttered work table, it's always this way. The gold parts are clock arms, I added a clock motor to the piece. The advantage to doing this with the perler beads is that once cool it would be infinently easier to put the hole in it, an exact-o knife did the trick here, with the pony beads it would have had to have been a drill.

Going into the oven........

20 mins later.

All in all it's a fairly simple process heat the oven to 400 and put the pan(s) in for about 20 mins. I heard a lot about fumes from the melting plastic, always make sure that you have proper ventilation! I had a window next to my stove open, but there wasn't much by way of fumes from the melting perler beads, I'm sure that's different with pony beads.

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