Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm still alive! I promise!

So I totally realize the amount of flak I will more than likely get for the almost year since one of us last posted. We promise, we're still alive. I admit that the last year has not be easy, for either of us. Those that know both Rebecca and I know the crap that we've dealt with. And to be honest, while none of it has been life or death (despite feeling like it when you throw Depression in) it has been a real bitch. As I've said in the past I'm attempting to complete an Associates Degree to be a Paralegal, if it had been for both the Federal Government and the wonderful government (yes, that comment is dripping as much sarcasm as it appears) of the state of North Carolina, I would be graduating right about now, barring any problems. Due to the tomfoolery, I lost my Pell Grant for a year (who would have thought that one income and the pittance that is unemployment would equal up to be to much money? especially after qualifying before with my husband's income, six months of working full time and two months of unemployment the year before. Can you see my frustration now?) However a year after losing both my Pell and my unemployment, I should get my Pell back and hopefully finish next May.

Now, down to why I logged into Blogger =) Pagan Pride Day is coming back up! It was a hoot last year, complete with protesters!

We had both private security (more than likely city employees, and police officers from the City of Belmont there. 

I never got close to the person myself, my cousin Lynn was with me. However I did get a good view from where I was done the hill and this lady camped out for a good three hours in the chair peeking through the bush!

This is part of whats up for PPD this year. I'm actually upgrading my booth to one with power for these. Some words of wisdom on these however, Not As Easy As They Look! I've drilled the holes in I want to say seven bottles. I'm about to have to replace my drill bit, Again! For the second time! It took an hour to drill two bottles earlier, 45 minutes from one and almost 15 for the other. The name of the game here seems to be 1) Good drill bits are a MUST! 2) Bottle thickness. It's the thickness of the bottles that is killing me! 3) Lights! The lights are proving to be a royal bitch to find right now! The only place I've been able to locate them so far is Hobby Lobby, it's the sets that they have for the glass blocks. You can get them online fairly inexpensively, IF your willing to pay through the nose for shipping! I have a Strawberry Margarita Bacardi bottle that I'm determined to put pink lights in. I've found one company that has a set that will work for the size of the bottle. The lights themselves are about $4.50, but the shipping is almost $20! No thanks! I'll take my chances and wait until closer to Christmas!

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