Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not quite crafting, but still really cool!

So a friend posted something on Facebook posted this one, then I found it on Pinterest and had to try it! I found the recipe at Six Sisters' Stuff, I have to browse around there and see what other good stuff I can find for the Stinker!
Any way, it's simplicity in itself, 1/3 water, 3oz box of Jello (it can be done with Sugar free, but the sugar free seems to make it a lot more tart!), and a single packet of Unflavored Gelatin. I have a rather large amount of unflavored gelatin from a crafting fail that I haven't taken pictures of yet (Bad Ariadne, Bad bad!) Your supposed to be able to pour this in ice trays and such, I used hard candy molds I found at Hobby Lobby. If you have a child you know how expensive fruit snacks are! Being a stay at home mom now I'm trying to find less expensive ways of doing things and healthier as well! I have at least one doctor still on my back about my weight due to a medical condition (that ironically would most likely clear up, most likely being roughly a 97% chance statistically, if I got off my tail and lost weight, not to mention we would be able to have another child which would make my mother in law ecstatic!).  I know we call this Crafting for Sanity, so please don't hate me if I through in recipes from time to time!
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